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Metal structures

Quality is one of the most important parameters in the industry, which is why we always encourage our experts to seek and implement newer solutions to the manufacturing process. We have a number of certificates that serve as the proof of our intent to provide only the best product quality.

Metal structures are some of the most popular products that Levstal is capable of producing. Levstal offers the capabilities of its own production halls to manufacture a variety of metal structures for construction purposes, as well as machine parts, custom parts for various industries (energy, civil, pulp & paper, etc.), and more.

Levstal is known for its dedication to provide the best possible customer experience, allowing for practically any additions and changes to the project in question if they were discussed and planned beforehand. Levstal can operate with drawings and other means of customization to provide its clients exactly what they want.

While it is true that Levstal is capable of working on a variety of metal structures and elements, most of the time the main manufacturing material is steel – an alloy of iron, carbon and several other elements used to produce a material that is much stronger than most of the classic metals. Small portions of elements can also be added to the alloy to improve some of the steel’s capabilities, be it corrosion resistance, tensile strength, and more.

As for the metal structures specifically, it is possible to provide multiple different groups of examples here – metal beams, bearing structural elements, road barriers, metal staircases, and so on. Bearing structural elements, for example, are some of the more common products of Levstal’s efforts and something Levstal is widely known for. Levstal has been producing a wealth of load-bearing structures for its clients all over the world for decades, earning its reputation as the top metal manufacturing company in Estonia.

On the topic of various elements that are applicable mainly to the construction industry, we also have metal beams – load-bearing elements that are used in combination with a number of different steel elements to hold the entire structure’s weight. Some of the more common examples of this group are tubes, re-bars, flat bars, U-profiles, and so on.

Speaking of other metal elements widely used in construction, we also have steel trusses – one more variation of a load-bearing element that can be often used to create the framework for a roof, a bridge, or a variety of other use cases. The nature of a steel truss combined with the strategic placement of these trusses during the construction project makes them capable of carrying massive weight loads such as roofs, bridges, and more.

That’s not to say that steel trusses are the only way to create roofs with metal structures. Steel ceilings also exist as a variation of a roof that can be applied to a number of non-residential buildings, such as offices, hospitals, shops, etc.

One last major group of metal structures that Levstal can provide is staircases. Metal staircases have a massive number of use cases, ranging from regular fire staircases and roof exits to intricate staircases for domestic use, spiral steel staircases, customizable balustrades, and more.

It would be fair to say that the construction industry is not the only industry that Levstal can work for, since there are plenty of other examples of metal structures available. Metal advertising constructions is one such example, offering a variety of shapes and types of structures for your advertising needs, including metalwork assembly units, many types of steel panels, etc.

Structural complexity is also not a problem for Levstal since steel cell site work is also an often use case for the company. Projects in this sphere can be as easy or complicated as the client wants, producing a lot of different types of metal structures in this sphere – from antennae and television towers to massive radio towers, transmission towers and towers for communication purposes.

Not all of the projects that Levstal works on have to scale in height, either. For example, there are also highways and road barriers that the company can work with, including steel tunnel linings, road safety barriers, and so on. All of these elements can also be produced using a variety of metal alloys, such as titanium copper alloy, carbon steel alloy and stainless steel alloy, to name a few.

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