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Pulp and Paper Equipment

Levstal Metal Engineering is your reliable partner in pulp and paper technologies. We provide high-quality services for the pulp, paper, board, and tissue manufacturing.

We manufacture and deliver such pulp and paper processing equipment as a fourdrinier machine, refiner, pulper, digester, chippers and chip processors, and some other special-purpose machinery.

What is a pulp mill?

A pulp mill is a manufacturing facility that converts wood chips or other plant fiber source into a thick fiberboard which can be shipped to a paper mill for further processing.

Our tech team provides manufacturing, repair, maintaining, and upgrading of pulping mills. We offer not only design and development but also complex maintenance solutions to help extend your equipment’s life.

Paper machines composition

Levstal offers fail-safe and customizable paper machines. While manufacturing we blend our solid experience and innovations together to create a perfect machine for high-class paper production.

Our complex system includes:

  • Forming section – here the excess water is being removed from the paper.
  • Press section – a small rolling mill section where the paper goes through the rolls to loose as much moist as possible.
  • Drying section – this section ensures the moist level goes down to approx. 6%.
  • Calender section – a pressure section where the material is going to be smoothened under high loads.
  • Reel section – separate spools to wind the paper for further stocking or processing.

Paper former

Levstal paper forming section offerings include solutions for gap and hybrid forming and fourdrinier applications which can be used for brand new installation or while refurbishing.

Gap former

Our gap forming section is an optimal solution for lightweight fluting and linerboard for high-speed applications. We ensure the perfect formation, good strength parameters, speed potential, and high drainage capability.

Twin-wire former paper machine

We manufacture and install all four types of twin-wire formers – blade, roll, hybrid, and roll/blade. Each type has its pros and cons, make sure you set the desired sheet properties and choose the right fabric.

Pulp washer

We offer high-quality washing solutions which help to produce an exceptional pulp while saving on energy and being environmentally friendly.

Levstal also offers an industrial drum washer. The construction includes an internal recirculation system and a control box. The drum washer is equipped with a safety system that prevents a system start when a drum is out of the machine.

Cardboard press machine

Our company provides clients with the most suitable baling solutions to minimize operating costs and enhance safety. Levstal press machines are produced to help you save the environment and reach the highest performance.

Cardboard roller

The use of advanced technology together with accurate machining allows us to offer the best spare parts for cardboard rolling machines. We always ensure the surface hardness is at the right level and the quality of the roller corresponds to all requirements.

Paper rolling machine

Levstal is a skilled manufacturer of paper roll machines with years of experience and solid expertise in this sphere. Our machines are designated to enhance your company’s efficiency and service quality.

Headbox paper machine

We offer hydraulic headbox, also known as flowbox, which improves overall paper quality, minimizes risks of downtime, makes fewer pinholes and dirt spots, increases machine speed, improves water drain, and reduces cost for chemicals.

Screw feeder

Screw feeders are usually installed to control materials and are located at the beginning of a system. We manufacture screw feeders of different sizes, configurations, and materials.

Paper feeder

Levstal offers a paper feeder machine for large and heavy products that are specifically designed to fit all packaging and print finishing systems. The paper feeders are equipped with electromagnetic valve control, pallet loader controller, conveyor belt with a tensile device, and double sheets control function.

Chip bin

At Levstal, we manufacture and deliver two types of chip bins: the dry type and the wet one equipped with a filtering layer and a valve to separate the liquids from the chips. Our chip bins are corrosion resistant, solid, and designed for the highest performance.

Looking for pulp machinery manufacturers?

With our extensive knowledge and solid experience in pulp machinery, we develop specialized and individually designed system solutions to meet our customers’ special needs.


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