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Screw conveyor

The industrial screw conveyors design is characterized by an elementary device and a high-reliability indicator. The principle of operation of the conveyor to the commonplace is simple. The auger (main part) of the most ergonomic shape (for convenient product transport) receives loose material, which then moves further into the conveyor body – a trough with a cylindrical bottom part. The absence of faces prevents the accumulation of the transported substance.

A special screw, the lower part of which is immersed in a bulk load, provides the movement of the substance during rotation. The screw itself rotates due to the operation of the drive motor. The auger is supported on special supports (bearings) to reduce wear. The conveyor body is additionally equipped with a protective cover and also has two hatches: One for loading the product, the other for unloading.

This principle of operation determines the scope of application of the screw conveyor. It is used to move bulk cargo in both vertical and horizontal directions. Today, several varieties of screw conveyors are used:

  •  in the pipe;
  •  in the gutter;
  •  mobile;
  •  inclined;
  •  with adjustable lifting height;
  •  with rodless auger;
  •  from stainless steel.

Benefits of our screw conveyor design

Our screw conveyor is an easy-to-operate mechanism with a wide range of advantages. Among the most significant screw conveyor manufacturers:

  • High performance is one of the main advantages of screw conveyors;
  • Compact design – allows you to integrate the small screw conveyor into other, more powerful systems;
  • Full safety of finely dispersed cargo – with high productivity, the properties of the transported substance (even dusty) are completely preserved;
  • The absence of moving elements from the outside – provides high product safety and expands the scope of its application;
  • Low price – the conveyor can be used even in domestic conditions;
  • Easy operation and maintenance – the cost of using the conveyor is minimal, and even a layman can use it.


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