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Steel Stairs and Staircases


One of the most common associations that people think of when hearing the phrase “metal stairs” is something purely utilitarian and basic, such as the metal fire escape stairs and staircases. However, this is far from being the only form for metal stairs and staircases, since the variety of modern steel fabrication methods allows for a massive number of different customization possibilities when it comes to metal stairs of any kind.
The main type of metal that is used for all kinds of stairs is stainless steel. Stainless steel staircases are technically fit for both indoor and external steel stairs of all shapes and sizes, without being influenced in a major way by a weather condition. Aside from the classic fire escape staircases, metal stairs can also be created for balcony access, garden access, as well as load dock staircases, spiral staircases and a variety of general-purpose stairs for either outdoor or indoor usage.

The complexity of a steel staircase’s design depends entirely on how the staircase in question is intended to be used, including the usage volume and frequency, the overall purpose of a staircase, and more. Staircases for commercial and residential purposes also tend to have a lot of differences when it comes to the overall design and the project’s complexity.

The range of potential customization for steel staircases is rather large, including handrails, balustrades, as well as multiple stair layouts and stair tread options. For example, the staircase can consist of one or multiple flights, it can be assembled via bolting or welding, the stairs themselves could be created as a solid plate or used in the form of an open mesh. These are just some of many possible design options when it comes to metal stairs and staircases, and that is without including laser cut designs, different stair tread styles, etc.

Companies that are providing steel stairs manufacturing services are often referred to as steel staircase fabricators, with most of them also providing a number of similar steel fabrication-related services such as building segments manufacturing, as well as the ability to manufacture various steel parts for different industries, and more.

Levstal is a stainless, carbon and aluminium steel staircase fabricator engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of highly engineered steel and metal stairs, staircases and balustrade systems for external, outdoor, domestic and commercial applications. Levstal provides a wealth of steel fabrication and metal engineering services, ranging from smaller steel structure elements to full-scale modular steel houses.

The abundance of specialized machinery and workforce allows Levstal to perform all kinds of operations when it comes to steel manufacturing and steel stairs, in particular. All of the specialized machinery is also controlled by a skilled workforce, and the company itself puts their clients above everything else, offering additional customization for projects according to the client’s drawings and other supplementary materials to act as a reference for the final product. We are capable of performing a full range of services for the successful project completion, from the very early design stages to the delivery and installation of the final product.

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