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Steel structures

Steel structure creation is an area that Levstal excels at, offering up to nine different product types. You can find these products in a list below:

  • Bearing Structure Elements;
  • Steel Trusses;
  • Metal Beams;
  • Steel Ceilings;
  • Steel Fences and Gates;
  • Steel Staircases;
  • Steel Cell Site;
  • Road Barriers and Highways;
  • Advertising Constructions.

Bearing structure elements is what Levstal has been known for a while now, providing various load bearing structures for the past thirty years to both Estonia and many other countries. Levstal’s quality and personalization abilities when it comes to creating bearing structural elements is how Levstal earned its good reputation all over the world.

On the topic of steel structural elements, there are also steel trusses – important structural elements made of steel that are supposed to support massive amounts of weight. Levstal’s steel trusses are highly resistant, durable, and offer incredible performance parameters.

Another element of a steel structure that Levstal also provides is a metal beam. Steel beams are what holds the entire structure in a stable fashion, working as a supporting element, in combination with other parts of a steel structure. Levstal’s range of steel beams encompasses tubes, flat bars, re-bars, U-profiles, INP beams, and more.

Steel ceilings are also here, and they’re just as important as any other element. Levstal’s steel ceilings are durable and resistant, and they can be used in many types of non-residential buildings, from shops to hospitals and regular offices.

Moving away from the structural integrity of a building, Levstal also offers a selection of steel gates and fences for different kinds of use cases. These can be made using either carbon or stainless steel, and their potential applications could be industrial, domestic, commercial or residential.

Steel staircases are also an option that Levstal can provide, with many different applications and an impressive level of quality. A set of highly engineered stairs could be installed in either domestic, residential or commercial areas, and we can even work with balustrades, too.

As for something more structurally complex, Levstal’s range of products also includes various forms of steel cell site work. We can both design and produce a variation of a cell tower that you need – be it radio, communications, television, transmission, or a simple antenna.

Moving away from larger building projects, Levstal is also ready to work on various types of road barriers and highways – with pretty much no size limitations and supporting several different materials. Both road safety barriers and steel tunnel linings are within Levstal’s capabilities, and we also support several different elements for these barriers – such as titanium copper alloys, stainless steel alloys, nickel alloys, carbon steel alloys, and more.

And the last participant of this list is about various types of advertising constructions that Levstal can provide. We can work with many different dimensions and shapes, and it can be as simple or as complex as the client wants, including various types of steel panels, metalwork assembly units, and more.

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