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Each port is a rather complex structure of elements and parts that have to work together to provide all of the services that a port should have in the first place. A port could be used as a safe haven for ships to stay away from different weather conditions, a port can be used as a place to discharge or load cargo, etc. This often includes a lot of different machinery and complex devices to perform various actions, such as loading/unloading, storage, and more.

However, there are also parts of almost any port that are as simple as it gets – such as a ramp. This might seem like an incredibly simplistic part, but it is also borderline necessary for any port to function properly. Which is why ramps also have to be manufactured with a lot of thought put into it, bringing us to a specific Levstal project – a ramp for a port, created for a client in Finland. It was manufactured by our specialists using a variety of steel fabrication techniques, and the final weight of the entire ramp was at 250 tonnes.

250 tn
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