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Load Bearing Structure Elements

For more than 29 years Levstal has been engaged in the manufacture of steel load bearing structures that ensure high reliability of buildings. The high-quality of our services is well known in Estonia as well as abroad. We take into account the standards and specifications of each individual region. Therefore, turning to us, you get a product that fully meets all the requirements set forth by the legislation of your country. We will carefully study your needs and design load-bearing structures suitable specifically for your project.

Load bearing structure construction overview

Load bearing structures are designed to carry a bifurcated, constant, and climatic load on the foundation. It is the main load bearing frame of the structure. Roof construction and longitudinal walls are generally supported by fasteners. Gable walls receive support from gable columns.

Cross skeletal connections typically include wall columns equipped with solid frames or lattice beams. If necessary, the standard load bearing frame is supplemented by beams of the runway, intermediate floors, etc.

The supporting structures differ from the frame structures in that their elements are responsible for the transmission and bearing of the subsoil load. The load bearing elements are walls in the load bearing structures, and in the frame structures, columns, and beams.

The system provides a finished superstructure with load bearing properties for buildings. The main load bearing structural elements include:

  • Beam
  • Columns
  • Walls
  • Braces
  • Trusses

Design of load bearing structure

Please note: the design of the load bearing construction must be carefully worked out by our team before the start of construction work on the site. To increase the efficiency of the workflow, the project team should provide basic architectural information:

  • Placement of walls and superstructures;
  • The layout of wall openings;
  • Flooring and areas requiring finishing;
  • Assembly, installation of the roof and its component parts (cornices, parapets, hatches, etc.);
  • Connecting parts with support elements.

Load bearing structure benefits

Load bearing structures made by Levstal meet the requirements of fire resistance. Our production facilities allow us to offer customers a load bearing structure with metal, duplex coating, or hot-dip galvanizing. Our load bearing structures are certified and comply with EN 1090-1, therefore they can be labeled with the CE mark.

The system under consideration has several advantages compared to traditional building methods:

  • Light weight;
  • Quick styling;
  • High strength
  • Functionality in a confined space.

This versatility makes load bearing structures ideal for penthouses or multi-level structures that require minimizing the load. In addition, crane costs and product delivery are reduced compared to pre-panel solutions.


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