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Stainless Steel Pipe

The company’s production facilities make it possible to produce products that meet even the most stringent requirements and quality standards. Thus Levstal became one of the leading companies in the steel pipes production.

For producing our stainless steel round pipe we use the following grades of stainless steel: AISI 304, AISI 321, AISI 316, duplex, super duplex.

Types of stainless steel pipe:

  • Pressure pipe
  • Hydraulic-line tubing
  • Mechanical tubing
  • Stainless steel sanitary tubing

The following benefits are:

  • High strength and ductility

These figures are much higher than that of steel and cast-iron stainless steel hollow pipe. Such properties allow you to make the wall thickness much less.

  • Corrosion protection

In most cases, the ss pipe does not need additional corrosion protection. A thin chromium-rich self-healing oxide film prevents oxidation.

  • Erosion resistance

Stainless steel pipes & tubes are most resistant to the negative effects of solid particles and high speeds. Wall thickness erosion does not form even with turbulence.

  • Low coefficient of friction

It provides low hydraulic friction properties. As a result, pumping costs are reduced and water pressure losses are minimized.

  • Easy installation

Thanks to its excellent ductility, it easily takes the required shape. A stainless steel corrugated pipe greatly simplifies the installation process. Well compatible with other pipeline materials.

  • Wide range of sizes

Stainless pipe suppliers are made up of 12-16 meters long. For example, the maximum length of ductile iron is 6 meters.


We have rich experience, we have the best stainless steel pipe cost, therefore we offer reliable solutions. For further advice, contact us in a convenient way. Professional consultants will provide comprehensive support.

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