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Structural Steel Beams

Levstal is a company engaged in the production of structural steel beams for more than 29 years. During this time, we gained tremendous experience, reliable partners and loyal customers. We provide our customers with products that meet standards and requirements.

Steel beams are bar-shaped steel products used in construction. They perform the function of a supporting element in frame structures: it ensures the stability of the entire structure. The safety and durability of the structure depends on its quality. Therefore, when purchasing beams, you must carefully choose a supplier. We produce beams of different shapes using S235, S355, S690 grades of steel.

Steel beams types we produce:

  • Flat bars
  • Square bars
  • IPE beams
  • INP beams
  • Re-bars
  • Hea beams
  • Heb beams
  • Tubes
  • U-profile
  • Round bars
  • Cold drawn round bars

Steel beams are classified according to several criteria:

  • By the thickness of the main elements – the thickness, the size and texture of the walls and shelves of the beam is taken into account;
  • According to the profile of the faces — their configuration is taken into account — a metal beam construction can have shelves with or without a slope (that is, parallel to each other);
  • By the type of production – beams are cold and hot rolled, as well as welded;
  • In scope – structural aluminum beams (I-beam) are ordinary, columned and special (for the construction of ceilings, pavement, wide-shelving).

Advantages of our product

Metal support beams can withstand significant loads, but this is not the only feature of the product that makes it so popular in construction. The bearing element has a number of advantages:

  • High strength – allows you to reduce the load on the structure as a whole
  • Resistance to fire, chemicals, and also atmospheric phenomena
  • Easy installation and maintenance – this is due to the design features of the product
  • Reducing the metal consumption of the structure as a whole due to the optimally selected beam section, etc.
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