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Warehouse in Tallinn

Warehouse in Tallinn

Warehouse in Tallinn

While it is true that Levstal is capable of working on a variety of different project types with a variable complexity, there is also a lot of demand for somewhat classical structures, too. Warehouses are considered such structures, being used for storage and other purposes for hundreds of years. With the ongoing improvements in terms of construction technologies, the possible scope and volume of these warehouses have grown quite a lot, too.

This particular project was built in Tallinn, Estonia – and it turned out as a sleek and formal structure with a lot of room inside. Modern warehouses, especially the ones that are this large, have their own share of complex parts and segments, and a lot of these parts tend to have a requirement of a competent metal fabricator – luckily enough, Levstal is more than capable of fitting the bill. As such, the warehouse was created using Levstal’s vast capabilities in terms of both metal fabrication and the ability to create entire segments of structures even before they are shipped to the construction site.


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