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Interior Works

Nowadays, the interior of the ship is not just about the beauty, the internal equipment must be safe, reliable, comfy, and crew-friendly. These are just the minimum requested conditions for the vessel to start its life. However, today a ship has more functions than just being a means of transport. It can serve as a cargo carrier, a hotel on the water with all modern conveniences, or even as a research laboratory.

Boat interior refurbishment

At Levstal Marine, we do care about our clients and know how expensive your time is. With this in mind, we have developed a special services line called “on-the-go”. Our team provides complete ship interior refurbishment including walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, and other parts while the vessel is sailing or being inspected at the dock. We offer a cost-effective solution for wall renovation by mounting pre-cut steel or aluminum sheets directly onto the old walls, thereby avoiding the need of tearing them down. Such service can be carried out while the vessel is on its voyage and without disturbing passengers.

Our company provides an out-of-the-box solution for marine interiors: modifications, refurbishment, and conversion of ship galleys, bars, restaurants, pantries, laundries, lounges, restaurants, casinos, spas, health and fitness areas, as well as cabins and corridors.

Ship galley

Galley is the heart of the vessel and needs a special approach in every way. Usually, a galley on a boat must be equipped in accordance with all standards and regulations, it has to be fire safe, reliable, and comfortable for personnel.

Cabin and galley refurbishment includes:

  • Built-up cabin
  • Reupholstery
  • Textile (sheers, draperies, headboards, etc.)
  • Fixed furniture remodeling
  • Wall, floor and ceiling full refit
  • Bathroom floors and walls
  • Bathroom furniture and fittings
  • Boat galley sinks
  • Boat galley equipment
  • Technical part (HVAC, piping, etc.)
  • Insulation installation
  • Electrical equipment installation

Ship newbuildings

Levstal Marine specializes in marine newbuildings services: all kinds of steelworks, outfitting, and interior services for different vessels from yachts to the huge cruise liners and ferries. 


Our team of professionals design, manufacture, and deliver cabins and wet units for cruise ships. Moreover, we fit wet rooms, doors, portlights, living quarters, spa rooms, and swimming pools. We design and manufacture wet rooms and communal spaces in strict accordance with regulations using hygienic easy-clean, IMO-approved panel systems.

We serve these interior areas:


  • Dining rooms
  • Bistros
  • Cafes


  • Passenger cabins
  • Crew cabins
  • Suites

Special venues

  • Spa zones
  • Exteriors
  • Lounge zones
  • Casinos
  • Public toilets
  • AC rooms
  • Bridges
  • Galleys
  • Laundry rooms
  • Engine rooms 

The skilled team of Levstal Marine engineers and designers has also undertaken projects dealing with special areas such as complete deck houses, open deck areas, control rooms, and technical and machinery areas.

We love what we do and so do our clients. Levstal Marine team are the ones who think in terms of solu­tions rather than in terms of issues. Knowing that the advanced project management and turnkey solutions ensure a successful case completion, we always strive to the best offerings.

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