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Wood Chip Screener

Today’s woodworking companies are constantly looking for quality and operations performance improvement. Another challenge for them is to spare raw stuff and cut some expenses. The easiest solution is to use Levstal’s chip screen to remove extra items and prevent their transfer into the woodworking machine. Screening equipment also separates chips in sizes.

Wood chip screening equipment

Our high-class screening equipment allows maximizing your unit’s efficiency while reducing losses and scaling up operation performance.

We manufacture and supply:

  • gyratory screener – ensures gyratory motion increasing a flawless performance within your system;
  • caliper screener – fitted with the disc screens, sorts objects by thickness;
  • roll screener – sorting operations for extremely fine chips.

Wood chip screening system

Our screeners are designated to separate and classify wood chip material before it goes further down the system. In the first stage, chips material goes through the first static screen to be checked by size. Accepted objects then go onto the next stage, then move towards following static screens. Finally, the select woodchips move to the discharge port where they will be collected for later reference. 

Our high-class system is produced to provide our clients with durability, safeness, and lower maintenance costs. Levstal’s gyratory, star, and vibrating screens make the selection operations perfect and productive. Onboard with the Levstal team of highly skilled designers and engineers, you receive reliable screeners to make the process as seamless as possible for you.


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