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Welding Sheet Metal

Levstal provides metal welding services for various fields like pulp and paper, mining, marine, hydropower, construction, etc.

Sheet metal welding

Sheet metal welding demands higher skills to meet all drawing requirements and succeed at work. At Levstal, we have two assembly workshops equipped with all necessary welding machines, their total area is 3840 m2.

Our certified welders and experienced engineers are ready to cope with all kinds of metal. We guarantee to find the best approach and most applicable solutions for handling your demands.

Available methods:

  • 135 – Metal active gas welding (MAG)
  • 131 – Metal inert gas welding (MIG)
  • 135 – Manual metal arc welding (MMA)
  • 141 – Tungsten inert Gas welding (TIG), also known as GTAW

Metal welding

Each metal responds differently to heating grades or the way one can manipulate them. With this in mind, we picked highly skilled specialists only to join our Levstal team and support clients with varied sheet metal welding types like aluminum, iron, copper, stainless steel.

Aluminum welding

Its plasticity, lightness, and immunity to oxidizing, made aluminum a highly widespread alloy. Levstal specializes in a variety of welding types to administrate to our clients’ needs.

Stainless steel welding

Stainless steel gained traction thanks to its valuable properties: rust and corrosion resistance, highly sanitary material. Levstal has solid experience in such type of welding as well as a successful track record of cooperation with various industries.

Iron welding

This operation is popular nowadays as iron is applied in most industries. With our innovative machinery techniques as well as strong background gained throughout the years, we’ll provide you with top services to meet your specific demands. 

Copper welding

Copper excellent plasticity in addition to conduction power makes it applicable in varied electrical and electromechanical spheres. Copper-type welding is among the services provided by Levstal for our customers.


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