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Chain conveyor

The principle of operation at the chain conveyor is quite simple: it is based on the movement of the chain around the leading and tensioning drums. During this movement, the chain-mounted containers move the load. The load movement in roller conveyor chains is possible from both the top working branch and the bottom.

Unlike a screw conveyor, the chain has a much more complex design, represented by several main nodes:

  • Service – circuit. Its links are of several types: welded, forged, or assembled (similar to a bicycle chain).
  • Drive – a frame with a drive shaft and gear fixed to it. It also houses, in fact, the drive (electric motor) and gearbox, transmitting movement to the shaft.
  • Tension – end of the frame opposite to drive. The driven shaft and gear are secured in a special bracket. The greater the distance between the driven shaft and the drive shaft, the more tension the chain will have.
  • Intermediate – the section between the two previous ones. If the chain length is very long, passive support shafts are usually located here.

Varieties and applications

Structural varieties of chain conveyors are overhead diverse, among which several types can be distinguished:

  • Horizontal – used to move bulk or semi-liquid cargo, including lumpy or finely dispersed structure. In the latter case, they are suitable for use with special dust-protected containers. En-masse conveyors are suitable as a carrier for carcasses in freezers or for delivering parts to an assembly line.
  • Vertical – used to move materials or single loads between different levels strictly vertically or at a certain angle. The chain conveyor belt is particularly effective because they occupy a small area while ensuring uninterrupted delivery of cargo.
  • Inclined – transport cargo at a certain angle (no more than 450). To protect the load from falling, they are equipped with protective sides.

Advantages of drag chain conveyor

Despite the significant weight and the need for constant maintenance, chain conveyors have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • High durability – this allows high torque transmission to ensure high performance of the unit;
  • Design variability – there are many sizes and capacities of conveyor equipment for any purpose;
  • Possibility of safe movement of dangerous goods – in chain conveyors it is possible to drag dusty and harmful materials without risk to human health;
  • Load-Resistant – chain conveyors are designed to withstand significant mechanical and temperature loads.

In general, the advantages of the mechanism more than compensate for its shortcomings: chain conveyors are cost-effective, efficient, and versatile in operation.

Due to a whole set of valuable qualities, chain conveyors have a wide scope. They are used in metallurgy, construction and agricultural enterprises, food companies, and engineering plants of various profiles.

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