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Vertical conveyor

The vertical conveyor system is a device designed for the automatic delivery of goods to various levels. Our company is engaged in the manufacturers of conveyors, as well as further customization, taking into account your requirements and wishes.

The vertical lift conveyor can be continuous and intermittent. The former are spiral and L-shaped or platform lifter or lifting product, supplemented with a fork.

The continuous vertical conveyor is represented by several main components:

  • Rollers
  • Drive
  • Knot of tension
  • Drums
  • Vertical conveyor belt
  • Conveyor frame

Type of vertical  conveyor

Spiral conveyor

The main advantage of these types of products are simple application. A minimum software set is sufficient for management. Compared to devices belonging to the type of vertical, it takes quite a lot of space. Therefore, it is not recommended for use in small rooms. Vertical transportation takes a lot of time because it involves many cycles performed by the conveyor belt.


Designed for vertical transportation of loads. The name is due to the design features of the product. It will be a great option if you need to save space. The product takes up less space than the above. Needs more control during operation.

Forklift truck

It is a device that allows you to transport the load from the conveyor to the conveyor. It can be used to position or remove the load at a 90-degree angle. Due to the design features, the device can be used as a vertical type sorting system. The key advantage of the forklift is energy saving, versatility, and simple operation.

The carrying capacity of vertical reciprocating conveyors primarily depends on the height, motor power, belt width, etc.

Advantages of the application

The drive of vertical conveyors is additionally equipped with special devices that exclude spontaneous movement of the conveyor belt with cargo. In addition, structural modifications are possible, for example, of a load-bearing base.


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