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Modular housing is quickly becoming one of the hottest and fastest-growing sectors of the construction industry. Modular housing is a production of shipping containers and modern prefab and modular houses.

Levstal housing
More than 30 years in production, Levstal Group has been building industrial buildings, logistics parks, warehouse complexes, shopping centers and other facilities. Construction of buildings, especially industrial buildings, is one of our main activities.
Modern modular housing
Sea container office
Reasons to count on us
The mission of Levstal Modular Housing company is to fulfilling the customers’ expectations.

Factory-made constructions guarantee materials in good conditions and respect of procedures, hence greater quality of the final product.


Modular buildings have a lower carbon footprint because there are fewer lorry deliveries to the site, cutting emissions. People living nearby are also less affected by noise, pollution and disruption.

Modular housing. Dream or reality?

The introduction of new materials, machines, technologies, made it possible to build modular houses in the best quality, controlled environment and in a fraction of the time.

100 % standardized

100 % standardized, in which the necessary blocks are articulated in factory, which adds the materials necessary to obtain the desired acoustic and thermal insulation.

Design flexibilty

Design flexibility allows for modular construction to be used for a range of housing types, including both single and multi-family uses.

Quality/price comparison

A quality/price comparison shows that prefabricated homes are much cheaper than traditional homes.

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