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Grinding Equipment

At Levstal, we offer a broad range of high-quality grinding machines. Each machine is manufactured with an idea of making it safer, help you improve productivity, and earn incomes.

Industrial grinder

Many industrial operations involve grinding – the process when larger materials are mechanically reduced into smaller pieces. Grinding is widely adopted in gold and silver mining industries ensuring separation of valuable material from roche.

Industrial grinders are also applied to improve the product’s structure and flow characteristics, to make the food flavor stronger: coffee seeds, spices, nuts, etc. And by choosing the right rotating speed and grinding units, some materials can be turned into powders. 

Grinding equipment

Levstal produces and supplies different grinding equipment for different industries but most commonly for the mining industry

There is a solution for all grinding processes: wet and dry, vertical, or horizontal.

We also provide full technical support and maintenance services for all kinds of grinding units.

Levstal grinding machines line includes: 

  • ball mill
  • pebble mill
  • AG mill
  • SAG mill
  • stirred mill
  • high-pressure grinding rolls

SAG mill

The semi-autogenous mill is the most efficient type as it makes the end material of the desired size at one time. SAG mills perfectly fit for wet grinding as processing and screening of wet material is almost impossible.

Using the automatic operation you can significantly reduce expenses for power and decrease the mill liners wear effectively increasing the lifespan.


High pressure grinding rolls are popular for energy-efficient operations and mostly used for hard rock. But they are also applicable to softer materials refining. 

As said earlier, HPGRs are known for energy-efficient approach and this is achieved via their capability of handling a continuous material stream. So under such high loads, it is vital to have strong durability. At Levstal, we strive to reduce the possible downtime using high-class components to increase the service life.

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