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Tallinn Prison for Men

Tallinna Naiste Vangla

Levstal’s capabilities in terms of services that can be provided are rather wide, ranging from manufacturing regular steel-based structures to assisting in building a prison. The reason why this example is so specific is because a Tallinn Prison for Men was one of many unconventional projects that Levstal participated in. This project was performed in 2017 in Estonia and included a variety of structural elements with the total weight of 50 tonnes.

When it comes to this project, Levstal was tasked with manufacturing a variety of trusses, beams and connections for structural integrity purposes. Additionally, it was Levstal’s job to install these structural elements on the construction site, as well. While both manufacturing and the actual construction are somewhat different from each other as processes, Levstal’s capabilities have always included the ability to perform these kinds of operations, or even to create the entire warehouse or a production building from the ground up.

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