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Levstal was founded in 1991 and has ever since become the market leader in terms of quality/operativeness/price in Estonia. Levstal is a family company owned by Filipp Levada. Levstal Group yearly turnover is 30 million euros, making us the biggest enterprise in its field in Estonia.

Levstal has a long history and global experience with large scale projects. Levstal Group is divided into four different categories of services – Metal Engineering, Steel Structures, Steel Service and Capital.
Our customer base includes leading international companies operating in industries such as Energy, Marine, Petrochemical, Water treatment, Mining, Agriculture, Pulp & Paper, Wood industry, Construction, and many others.

We in Levstal produce a large variety of other process equipment helping to turn the world to a more sustainable place to live. The main objective of Levstal is not only fulfilling the customers’ expectations but with our highly qualified experts to be able to outperform our projects. In order to achieve that, Levstal pays a lot of attention to its permanent technological and professional improvement, development of personalized and most advantageous offers on the market, providing stable shipments and establishing long-term collaboration with our customers and partners.

Our modern production area is as big as 18,320 m² with two separated areas for carbon and stainless steel.

We and our clients see us as a one-stop-shop, as we are able to produce and serve all the necessary processes from the idea to the completed product. Our business success is based on understanding the needs and wants of our customers, due to that our work is personalized based on our clients’ objective. We are able to fulfill the whole cycle of the project starting from idea to engineering and design following up with project management – quality control – manufacturing and administrative departments.

Our turn-key solutions are possible thanks to our long-term workers and professional qualities of internal experience. Levstal has over 100 motivated employees through constant communication and gatherings make the team one and strong.

Levstal holds all relevant certificates — ISO 9001, ISO 3834, EN 1090 + PED and OHSAS 18001 (in the progress) and it hears to various standards that regulate industrial processes, quality management, and occupational safety. Levstal has the necessary skills and authorization to manufacture equipment according to different licenses for metalworking and pressure vessels.

We in Levstal are proud of our capability to manufacture products in different sizes and shapes from carbon and stainless steel, extra corrosion, and heat resistant steel, duplex, and aluminum. Our wide product spectrum is exemplified by the fact that the weight range of the products can be shipped out from 2 kg to 500 tons.

Times and world change and Levstal changes with it. We in the company believe that through constant improvement of our work quality, we can provide the best service in terms of quality and price in the Estonian market.

Levstal is proud to be able to manufacture products for clients throughout the world: Germany, Austria, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, North America, Latin America, England, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Japan.

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