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For over 30 years, Levstal Group has been building industrial buildings, logistics parks, warehouse complexes, shopping centers and other facilities. Construction of buildings, especially industrial buildings, is one of our main activities.

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The mission of Levstal Capital company is to fulfilling the customers’ expectations.
Levstal Capital

Levstal’s experience in creating all kinds of buildings over the years led to a lot of knowledge and skill being accumulated in the hands of this company. As such, Levstal exceeds expectations when it comes to building shopping centers, warehouses, offices, residential buildings, commercial buildings, and especially industrial buildings.
Levstal’s metalworking capabilities are capable of providing an abundance of different details and parts for a house, including both the house frame, as well as walls, roofs, and entire buildings. Modular housing is at its finest with Levstal, too, since we can produce entire parts of modular houses inside of our production pipeline, turning the overall construction process into an experience that is easier and faster than ever before.

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