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Steel Buildings Construction

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Levstal is no stranger when it comes to working with all kinds of steel structures and other steel-related projects. Generally speaking, buildings and building elements are some of the most common projects for Levstal as a whole, from beams and trusses to entire sets of elements in the form of a steel hall.

There are two main types of steel buildings that can be created – the first one uses steel frames, while the second one utilizes a lot of steel trusses. The first type of steel building mainly uses beams and columns welded or hot-rolled together to create profiles. The addition of purlins and rails (also turned into profiles via cold-forming) allows us to create this specific type of a building from steel.

Using steel frames for buildings construction purposes has a number of benefits, but it is mostly targeted towards smaller buildings with more flexibility in terms of steel consumption. These specific structures also often use integrated beams and can be commonly implemented for buildings with up to 25 meters span and no more than six meters in height (depending on the alloy that is used for these steel building construction parts).

The second type of a building from steel uses a slightly different structure as a whole, with a big emphasis on steel trusses. These types of steel buildings and steel roofs are at their finest when used for massive hangar-like structures that have a large facility span. The main idea of the steel truss type of steel building is that many steel trusses are connected to each other in a specific way, forming a girder of sorts that acts as both the roof’s support and the connection between the side beams of a building.

Steel buildings can be used in quite a lot of different situations, acting as storage areas, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, sports facilities, airports, or even shopping centers. Since both variations of steel building construction include a lot of parts that have to be connected to each other to create the building itself, there is quite a lot of customization that can be done for the customer.

That does not even include the overall height and span of the structure, there are several other points that could be customized – including different roof shapes, different gate shapes, different placements for windows or doors, different types of canopies, and so much more. All of that can be safely discussed with Levstal when the project is discussed, and we would do our best to accommodate each and every one of our clients.

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