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Incline conveyor

The inclined conveyor is a continuous operating mechanism designed to transport the load along a certain path (inclined). It is considered one of the subtypes of tape. A distinctive feature of the inclined transport design is the position of the belt at a certain angle. And the latter is both strictly fixed and regulated. The main task of the mechanism is the delivery of cargo to different heights.

The inclined conveyor has a wide range of applications: it is often used as a conveyor for bulk and piece loads. The production sphere can be any. It is operated both in enclosed rooms and in open areas. It can be used as a storage location for small piece goods in warehouses.

Decline conveyor

The transport structure is represented by several elements:

  • The inclined section;
  • Loading and tensioning devices;
  • Drive station;
  • End drum.

The main component of the mechanism – inclined section – is represented in the form of a steel welded frame (stainless steel is used) with roller bearings in the upper and lower part of the element. Two types of tapes are used in the sections: Rubber-tissue and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The width of the incline conveyor belt is from 200 to 1000 mm.

Depending on the specifications of the work process, the dimensions of the site/room, and the desired angle of inclination, the design of the inclined conveyor is different in shape: Z-shaped, L-shaped, G-shaped.


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