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Steel and Metal Trusses

Trusses and Frames


Steel fabrication as a whole has quickly become an incredibly important part in the construction industry as a whole – ever since steel became far easier to use in this same industry. Steel fabrication relies a lot on the production of multiple structural elements of different types and shapes. These shapes and pieces then get put together to create a single steel structure for a specific purpose in the construction industry.

The most basic shape of a steel structure is a triangle composed of three steel members to form a basic structure with specific parameters of durability and tensile strength. Steel trusses themselves are this widespread because they are relatively light, can cover a lot of space as the combined structure, and more. Two main goals of steel trusses are the ability to carry massive weight and the ability to keep the entire structure stable.

Steel truss types and variations

There are three main variations of steel trusses that can be used in construction – simple, planar and space frame. A simple steel truss is, as the name suggests, a very simple structure of three components that form a triangle. Roof composition is one of the main purposes for this truss type.

A planar steel truss, on the other hand, is a truss that is not three-dimensional, but two-dimensional. A truss can be considered planar if all of its elements (nodes) are within one planar surface. A space frame truss is the most “advanced” out of the three, since its elements can be in different positions – which technically allows us to say that a space frame truss is placed within three dimensions (a three-dimensional space).

As for the steel truss types, we can safely say that there are at least two basic truss types – the pitched truss and the parallel chord truss. The former is a basic triangle-shaped truss that is used for roofs and other similar structures (the aforementioned “simple truss”), while the latter has a different shape (top and bottom chords are parallel to each other) and mostly used for floor construction purposes.

Specific steel truss examples

There are also quite a few of very specific and patented metal truss forms and examples with their own unique names and purposes – including Warren truss, Octet truss, Pratt truss and Vierendeel truss. Other examples include Lenticular truss, King post truss, Town’s lattice truss and Bowstring truss.

As an example we can take a Bowstring truss – a truss name that was mostly used for truss bridges (the name comes from a very specific truss shape), often confused with tied-arch bridges. These bridges were at their most popular during World War II to support a variety of military buildings, such as aircraft hangars.

Levstal Group is a company existing on the market for 29 years. We have tremendous experience in the fabrication of steel truss form and frames for residential and commercial buildings. During their existence, they have taken leading positions in this field in Estonia and have gained worldwide recognition.

The average productivity of the company is about 12 thousand tons of structures per year. We are certified according to EN 1090, we manufacture products in accordance with strict quality build standards.

Steel trusses design with a guarantee of quality

Our premade steel trusses have amazing performance, reliability, durability, and safety. Due to their high wear resistance, they exhibit durability. Designed for use in external as well as internal load-bearing walls, roof trusses, floor beams, barns.

We work on modern equipment for welding, assembly, cutting, which positively affects the quality of products. We offer our clients a full range of services, from design to production, transportation, and installation. All products meet the specifications, so no additional changes are required and are fully ready for installation.

Why choose Levstal manufactured steel trusses

  • High-precision products: not subject to shrinkage, as well as deformation of the form and structural changes;
  • Products with high strength: for decades, retains its original properties;
  • Material that is not exposed to moisture or insects even in places hidden from the eyes, the structure will remain reliable and durable;
  • Non-combustible material: steel is fireproof because it is not afraid of fire;
  • Lightweight constructions able to cover a large distance between load-bearing walls – metal frames will help identify potential weak points of the building at the design stage and at the same time save money;
  • Universal product: pre-engineered steel trusses can be used for areas of unusual shape or angle;
  • Easy installation: steel frames are easy to use and quickly mounted even without the participation of professionals.

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