Steel structures and their production

Steel structures and their production – an integral part of our company`s activity over 20 years.

We guarantee that the LEVSTAL steel structures have

  • excellent quality
  • high reliability coefficient
  • long lifetime

The steel structures manufactured by the company LEVSTAL have a wide scope of application in the construction and industrial field.

It is achieved due to the use of modern technology in our factory. All the structures are produced with the professional equipment, by highly skilled personnel and by using the reliable materials.

What kind of steel structures we manufacture

  • Mobile communication masts

  • Steel structures for buildings

    Logistics and industrial complexes

  • Road barriers and signs

  • Chimneys and silos

  • Steel design elements

  • Steel forms

    for concrete, reinforced concrete, peno concrete construction products and other construction products

We perform the production control in each stage, which ensures the proper manufacture of the products according to the project.

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Our advantages

The company LEVSTAL is not offering only metal structures. Our services include also:

  • Design of the products manufactured of any kind of steel

  • Manufacture of custom-made projects and on the basis of the ready-made drawings

  • Installation of constructional structures

  • Electrical installation works for metal structures, mechanical construction and shipbuilding

We are able to produce steel structures with various complexity. A particular attention is paid to their security and reliability. Welding joints are tested, in order to ensure their compliance with the most strict requirements of the normative documents.

We also provide corrosion protection for the finished products, by coating surfaces with the coating of varnish and paint or using other modern methods.

More than twenty years of experience in the field of manufacture and installation, the technological opportunities enable us to offer you the steel structures with the highest quality, on time and at the best price on the market!

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