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Food Production Building

Food Production Building

Culinary Building

It is not uncommon for food production buildings to range from small establishments to massive complex structures bigger than most warehouses. Most of these buildings and structures usually have a set of rules or specifications that are needed for the production and storage of specific food types, which makes food production building construction a bit more complex than with any regular warehouse.

Levstal, on the other hand, is a company that takes pride in its capability to adapt to all kinds of rules and requests from its clients. This includes food production facilities, such as this specific building that was created back in 2019. Levstal’s project here was to produce and provide a set of load-bearing steel segments such as trusses, beams and other connection types. The entire production cycle took four weeks and the total weight of steel segments produced was at 54 tonnes.

Carbon Steel
Total weight
54 t
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