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Coop Logistics Center

Coop Logistics Center

Steel Structures for Coop Logistics Center

A rather simple structure such as a warehouse can be utilized in a variety of ways, and not just as a massive product storage area. A large number of companies use their warehouses as logistic centers, including this particular company – Coop. Coop is the biggest retail trade group in Estonia, and any company with a similar scope needs a variety of logistics centers.

One such center was created with the help of Levstal’s production capabilities. We are proud to have this project in our portfolio, with the project in question being completed with no issues in the year 2015-2016. This was a rather large project when it comes to the overall weight of everything that Levstal manufactured. The project’s task was to create 380 tonnes of trusses and beams for the Coop logistics center, and we were happy to perform this project as requested.

Carbon Steel
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