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Tallinn Prison for Women

Tallinna Naiste Vangla

Levstal’s range of potential projects is not limited to the civil segment, such as regular houses, commercial buildings, and so on – there are quite a lot of unusual and unconventional projects, as well. This project of a Tallinn Prison for Women is one such example – no matter what it was built for, it is still a structure that a construction company is capable of building. This project was performed in the year 2017.

In this particular case, Levstal was tasked with both manufacturing all kinds of trusses, beams and connections, as well as the installation process for said parts. Working with steel structures as a whole is the main specialty of Levstal, which is why it is not particularly surprising to see how this project was completed with no issues whatsoever, with the overall weight of all the different carbon steel parts estimated around 50 tonnes.

Carbon Steel
Total weight
50 t
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