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Vessel for Wind Turbine

Vessel for Wind Turbine

Vessel for Wind Turbine Installation

This particular example was rather unusual by Levstal’s standards – a set of vessels for installing wind turbines. The energy industry as a whole has a plethora of specialized equipment and appliances, with most of the projects from this industry being custom-made or modified in some way. This kind of complexity raises the level of expectations put on the company that takes the project and produces the necessary equipment or components.

Fortunately, Levstal’s experience and wealth of different steel fabrication appliances made for a great choice when it comes to manufacturing all kinds of elements for the energy industry, including wind power appliances – which made this project relatively easy as a whole. All of the work was done using carbon steel as the main material, and Levstal had to perform a variety of different steel fabrication operations, such as roll-bending, welding, blanking, and so on. We also assembled the whole structure together, painted it and shipped everything to the client in Luxembourg, with the total weight of all the vessels produced being at 60 tonnes.

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