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Levstal has a lot of experience when it comes to manufacturing all kinds of rather standard steel structures and elements, be it trusses, beams, or something else. However, there are also many cases when Levstal is tasked with performing a project centered around a unique technology or a unique piece of machinery.

This project from Finland was exactly that – a Gentle Feed infeed conveyor. It is a patented system for log feeding into the barking drum. This was a rather complex project on its own, since the system itself is unique in the first place. However, Levstal managed to successfully perform the entire process in twelve weeks to manufacture an infeed conveyor that meets all of the client’s requirements. At the end of a project, this conveyor was ready to work in pulp, paper and panelboard industries. The entire structure’s weight was at 253 tonnes, with the prime manufacturing material being carbon steel.

Project duration
12 weeks
Carbon steel
Pulp & Paper
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