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Drum Discharge Conveyors

Drum Discharge Conveyors for Wood Processing Equipment

Wood processing is one of many industries that often need a very specific type of equipment, and there are many different specific details involved in this task that can make everything that much more complicated. Luckily enough, Levstal’s expertise in the field of metal fabrication is more than enough to create even the most complex parts, such as drum discharge conveyors for wood processing equipment.

These particular conveyor parts were created for a client in Finland that works in the pulp and paper industry. The original material of the structure is carbon steel, with a total weight of 22 tonnes. Two of these parts were created for this particular client, with every little detail being just as the client expected. This kind of specialized equipment often has a lot of little details involved, and missing just one of them could throw an entire wood processing facility into a disarray. Fortunately, Levstal is a qualified metal fabrication company that leaves nothing to chance, working to implement the client’s wishes as close to reality as possible.

Carbon steel
22 t
Pulp and Paper
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