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Oil & Gas Equipment

Levstal is a widely known manufacturer of equipment for oil and gas platforms. For many years, we have been fabricating parts, components, and other products for gas and oil extractive sectors. Besides, we provide the widest variety of services from designing to maintaining onshore and offshore structures.

Currently we are one of the most respected offshore oil rig manufacturers in Estonia supplying our parts and installations to national companies and abroad. We design, produce, install, and maintain various models of drilling tools for oil and gas industry.

Offshore drilling rig equipment from a reliable manufacturer

A drilling rig is a massive structure for a strategic economic sector requiring only the best oil & gas equipment. What is offshore drilling for you? Our oil and gas drilling rigs are tailored to make this process easier and more cost-effective. They are designed for exploring, extracting, storing as well as processing fossil fuels lying deep beneath the seabed. Our tools, equipment, and machinery for offshore drilling process are fabricated by experts for experts.

Levstal produces equipment for various types of offshore drilling rigs:

  • bottom supported installations;
  • floating structures;
  • submersibles;
  • platforms;
  • jackups, etc.

We work with materials from trusted suppliers. The most commonly used steel grades are the following: S355, S235, S690, Hardox 400. All the products fabricated by Levstal correspond to ISO 3834, EN 1090, ISO 9001, and industrial requirements.

Oil and gas equipment of the highest quality on the market

Manufacturing oil and gas processing equipment is a challenging process, but we take responsibility for the best results and guarantee an uncompromising quality of all the products. Experts of our company design and construct parts for oil platforms taking into account the newest tendencies. We believe that this is the right way to ensure the fastest development of the extractive field.

We produce all the necessary parts, components, tools, and equipment for reliable operation of any modern coast or marine oil and gas platform:

  • crown blocks and water tables;
  • drilling lines;
  • traveling blocks;
  • masts;
  • drill pipes;
  • blowout preventers;
  • water and fuel tanks;
  • electric cable tray;
  • rotating oil and gas equipment;
  • mud pumps;
  • hopper type tanks;
  • mud pits;
  • mud gas separators;
  • shale shakers
  • pipe ramps;
  • degassers;
  • drill bits.

Also, we fabricate additional rig components for specific projects. During the years of Levstal’s operation, we have enabled commissioning lots of different coast and offshore drill rigs all over the world. We are recognized experts in our field whose aim is to help your business.

Why you should order equipment for an offshore drilling rig from us

Our company designs, develops, fabricates, installs, and maintains surface oil and gas equipment as well as offshore structures. Our company offers the most comprehensive selection of industrial products, oil and gas drilling tools, and related services. We put safety and the highest quality above everything else. That is why our company cares about fulfilling every production stage in accordance with current norms and standards. In addition, we guarantee no delays.

We will be glad if you contact our company for oil and gas production equipment. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. A representative of Levstal will consult you with great pleasure. Let us help your business grow with the help of our broad experience, large production facilities, and a strong team of experts.

We have been operating on the market for many years. Our company has successfully completed dozens of large-scale typical and custom projects for clients from European countries and other parts of the world. The entire production process is carried out in one place. We implement the newest solutions and carefully control every phase to fabricate the best surface oil and gas equipment and components for deep water drilling rigs as well as other relating products.

Any questions? Get in touch with us for offshore drill rig tools!

Specialists of Levstal are ready to assist you in choosing the drilling equipment and to answer any questions. You are welcome to contact us for more information and discussing the details of your project. We are always ready to offer you any type of oil and gas processing equipment and make your business more efficient!

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