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Metal manufacturing supports the agricultural industry

Manufacturers of agricultural and farm equipment in today’s market must continuously innovate in order to remain competitive. With higher quality metals, agricultural machine manufacturers create more reliable, efficient machines that translate into better farming.

Levstal Group manufactures high quality metal components and welded assemblies for agricultural equipment. We have built a reputation in the industry by partnering with our clients to provide strategic outsourcing services coupled with superior products, performance and service. Our manufacturing processes and process validation can produce your components quickly, condensing the time from design to market.

Steel is found in a variety of farming equipment including:

  • Storage facilities like barns and silos
  • Harvesting equipment like tractors, cotton pickers, hay balers, etc.
  • Greenhouses
  • Livestock management equipment like fencing, feeding pails, milk machines, etc.
  • General operation equipment like forklifts, watering systems, drains, etc.


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