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Commercial Building for Laundry

Commercial building laundry

While it is true that Levstal’s capabilities are wide and varied, a warehouse building type is a rather common occurrence when it comes to projects that Levstal performs. Not only Levstal can provide a variety of load-bearing segments for this structure type, but we can also construct the entire building, as well – if our services are needed. This makes Levstal a great choice for creating all kinds of warehouse-type buildings.

This commercial building for laundry is one such project which Levstal successfully completed in the year 2016. The project’s task was to produce multiple sets of beams, trusses and connections, with a total weight of 50 tonnes. This project for a client in Estonia took four weeks in total to complete, with the carbon steel being the main construction material. Our client in the construction industry turned out more than satisfied with the results.

Carbon Steel
Total weight
50 t
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