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Author: Filipp Levada

28 March 2022
Steel construction prices have been steadily rising for a while now, with most of the specialists in the field expecting...
22 March 2022
Introduction The construction industry as a whole is supposed to...
22 March 2022
The current situation related to the conflict in Ukraine poses...
Levstal Metal
18 February 2022
Structural steel manufacturing is a process of manipulating the shape...
19 January 2022
Overview Used mostly in structural engineering and/or architecture, a space...
28 December 2021
Introduction While steel as an alloy has been around for a while now, a number of factors have prevented it...
About the author

Filipp Levada is the CEO of Levstal Group. Filipp graduated from Estonian Business School and started working in Levstal in 2012 being responsible for sales, account and order management. In 2014 Filipp became the CEO of the company. During this time the company entered the metal construction market and began to produce metal structures for commercial centers, warehouses, social buildings, stadiums and residential premises. In 2016 under Filipp's management the company entered the mechanical engineering market, cooperating with customers in industries such as energy, pulp, woodworking, waste processing. By 2017 80% of Levstal Group's orders were exported to countries such as Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and England. By 2018 Filipp initiated another project - a new company for the production of modular houses for residential premises, offices, hotels. Today Levstal exports products to all Scandinavian countries, DACH, the UK and North Amrica. The total turnover of the group is 31 million euros per year. Levstal is working on large scale projects and has become the market leader in steel structures manufacturing in Estonia.

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