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02 December 2021
Introduction Steel is pretty much the most important material for both construction and engineering right now. Our world would not...
25 November 2021
Metal cutting is quite a diversified field on its own,...
19 November 2021
The amount of appliances in our daily lives that come...
11 November 2021
Introduction to steel fabrication Steel has been one of the...
Plasma cutting example #2
08 November 2021
Introduction to sheet metal cutting Sheet metal cutting is a...
08 November 2021
The definition of steel structure When it comes to building types, choosing the most future-proof type beforehand is the obvious...
About the author

Filipp Levada is the CEO of Levstal Group. Levstal Group is a steel service family company with a yearly turnover of 30 million euros. Since 1991, the company has expanded its services and product range. Today, Levstal is working on large scale projects and has become the market leader in steel structures manufacturing in Estonia. ''We are more than just a steel structures manufacturing company. We have goals and dreams and we know that the best way to achieve them is together. Our mission is to work hard for building increasingly resilient infrastructure while also creating new job opportunities which can have a positive impact on the whole community's wellbeing. For this, we strive to foster strong and dynamic synergies with companies, stakeholders, industries. We are committed to shape a socially and economically sustainable future for everybody.''

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