Metall services

LEVSTAL offers various metal services in the field of mechanical engineering, building construction, shipbuilding etc. Qualified professionals (certified with ISO 9001, ISO 3834 and EN 1090 certificates), high-quality equipment and production facilities and a convenient location turns the steel constructions factory useful and reliable cooperation partner.

LEVSTAL complex provides the following metal services:


Bending metal

Bending is the way of processing sheet metal which allows to shape the material without welding. LEVSTAL uses high-precision equipment, which is capable of bending sheets up to 6000 mm wide and up to 50 mm thick.


Metal sales

LEVSTAL engaged in supplying various types of metal, including sheet metal, and specialized materials and fittings from local and foreign manufacturers. Special steel grades with improved strength characteristics are available.

mechanical engineering


LEVSTAL specialises on manufacturing parts for road-building machinery, logging machinery, barges and other machinery and equipment, as well as assembly of conveyors.

Manufacturing is situated in Loo village, 3 kilometres away from Tallinn – Narva – St. Petersburg highway and Tallinn ring road, not far away from Muuga and Maardu ports. It is possible to rent the production premises there. Location allows quickly deliver outsize cargo to the ports of Paldiski and Loksa. Metal products are sent through the Baltic Sea to various countries around the world. Choose the service that you are interested in! We calculate quickly the cost of your order.