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Sinilille Warehouse

As a building type, a warehouse might seem like the most simple one in comparison with production facilities and other large building types. However, that does not make a warehouse an easy construction target, since warehouses require a lot of calculation and planning for the building to serve its purpose properly – just like with any other building type. Luckily enough, Levstal is more than competent in this field, having a large portfolio of successfully constructed warehouses and load-bearing structure parts for warehouses.

This project is also a part of this portfolio – a warehouse in Sinilille, a residential district in Tallinn. This warehouse project was completed in 2018 and had a requirement of Levstal providing a set of beams, trusses and connections for construction purposes. SW panel installation was also a part of Levstal’s job with this project. The overall time spent on the project in question was about five weeks, and the total weight of the elements produced was at 140 tonnes.

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