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Silo Discharge Hopper

Silo discharge hopper

This particular project included both manufacturing and shipping a silo discharge hopper. It was requested by a client from Sweden who provided a drawing to act as the reference for the object itself. The manufacturing process involved a variety of operations, such as welding, NDT control, assembly, painting, and so on. The overall weight of the final object was at 40 tonnes and it was made using carbon steel as the main material.

This kind of silo discharge hopper was created specifically for the Energy industry, and it is one of many examples of how steel fabrication is essential for many industries to be able to function properly. A lot of the unique and specific metal engineering is used all over the world, and most of the time it cannot be mass-produced, which is why each and every part for these appliances has to be produced separately with a combination of different metalworking operations. Levstal managed to complete the entire project and deliver it to the client with no issues whatsoever.

Carbon steel
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