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The Creative Hub Reconstruction

Kultuurikatel rekonstruktsioon

The Creative Hub Reconstruction is a project in Estonia that Levstal is incredibly proud of, being able to participate in the reconstruction process of a historical building and having no issues while doing so. It is a project that everyone was proud of – each and every expert that participated in the reconstruction process as a whole, including multiple different manufacturing operations that had to be done.

Reconstruction as a process can often become a rather sophisticated task, with many specific details and unusual circumstances dictating the way all of the details in the process must be made. Luckily enough, Levstal’s experience and professionalism is more than enough to accommodate all of the potential nuances and produce trusses, beams and load-bearing structures exactly as requested. The project itself was completed in 2013 and the overall weight of the details produced turned out to be 50 tonnes.

Carbon steel
Total weight
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