A hydropower plant is a type of power plant that uses the kinetic energy of water to provide a renewable energy source.

  • 5t WEIGHT
Draft-Tube-Cone 1
  • Energy
  • Norway

The fact that hydropower plants are used far less when compared with some of the more common energy sources is rather unfortunate, but this doesn’t mean that there are no new hydropower plants constructed or renewed on a regular basis. This creates a demand for companies such as Levstal that are capable of producing specific details and equipment parts that are necessary for the entire plant to work properly.

In this case, Levstal’s project was to manufacture a draft tube cone for a client in Norway. The project’s specifications were exactly as the client asked, and Levstal used a variety of operations to perform this project – rolling, welding, NDT control, and even delivery to the client in question. The main manufacturing material was carbon steel, and the entire draft tube cone’s weight was at 5 tonnes.


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