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Turbine Ducts

Turbine Duct for Cold Boxes

Turbine Duct for Cold Boxes

The concept of a cold box is relatively simple – a storage container that is capable of providing either cold or freezing temperatures. These temperatures are usually necessary for transporting specific products that require a below-average temperature. There are multiple different parts that are necessary for the cold box to be able to provide this kind of environment, with a turbine duct being one of them. A turbine duct is often presented as the large rectangular box that is used to lower the temperature inside of the cold box.

Levstal is perfectly capable of creating these kinds of turbine ducts. In fact, this was a project for a client in Germany, and the final destination of these turbine ducts was Nigeria, India. Turbine ducts are considered an important element inside of the petrochemical industry, and these cold boxes would not be able to operate properly without their turbine ducts. The overall weight of everything Levstal manufactured for this project was about 50 tonnes.

Carbon Steel
Total weight
approx. 50t
Nigeria, India
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