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Trusses, frames and connections for building

Trusses Frames Connections for building

Manufacturing parts and sections of a warehouse or a similar building type is one of the most common project types for Levstal. This project is no exception – a selection of trusses, frames and connections for the construction purposes was requested by a client in Estonia. These types of load-bearing connections, when combined, work as a skeleton frame for the future building, so it is incredibly important for each and every one of them to be up to the task.

Luckily, Levstal has been on the market for a while now, and has no shortage of grateful clients to act as the proof of the company’s capabilities. All of the work that was needed was performed with no issues, and the collective weight of all the parts created by Levstal turned out to be at 300 tonnes. However, while Levstal does have the ability to provide an entire scope of operations necessary to build a warehouse from the ground up, this time our only task was to provide components, and nothing more.

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