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As a type of storage structure, silos are used in a number of different industries, and are usually presented as cylindrical structures created with one of many different material types. One of the most common use cases for silos is the agriculture industry, offering the ability to store silage and a variety of grain types. However, silos are also useful when it comes to storing cement, coal, woodchips, sawdust, and a variety of food products. Currently there are three main silo types that are widespread all over the world – bag silos, bunker silos and tower silos.

Steel is one of the more common materials that can be used to create a silo, and there are plenty of steel fabrication companies that are capable of performing such a feat. Additionally, it is not particularly uncommon for a silo to be assembled using multiple different parts that are made by different teams or companies. This specific project that Levstal performed is one such example – multiple steel silo parts for a client from Finland, with the collective weight of 70 tonnes.

70 tn
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