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Steel Structures for Apartment Buildings 1

Steel Structures for Apartment Buildings

When it comes to how Levstal interacts with its clients, we put so much effort into customizing and personalizing the experience to fine-tune the project’s results that it is fair to say how most projects can range from unusual to straight-up unique. For example, this project was centered around a set of apartments in Estonia – a rather common request for a company such as Levstal.

However, in this case we were not tasked with constructing the building itself, or with providing structural load-bearing elements for construction. In this case, Levstal’s job was to manufacture specific sets of carbon steel elements that are mounted on a building that is already constructed – balconies, posts, railings, ladders, and so on. The number of elements was quite large, with the total weight of the project’s results being at 60 tonnes, and the project itself was successfully completed with zero issues back in 2017.

Carbon Steel
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