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Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen Generator for Production Plants

Hydrogen Generator for Production Plants

Hydrogen generators are rather important for all of the production plant types that they can be used in, which is why it is so important to have a reliable contractor that provides you with generator parts. A hydrogen generator is used to produce high-purity gas that is hydrogen using water. It has a rather large variety of uses in both laboratory and industrial fields of work. Due to the rather delicate nature of the hydrogen generation process, it is extremely important to have every single generator piece in its best condition.

As for this specific project, Levstal was tasked with manufacturing and providing a variety of hydrogen generator parts according to the drawings that the customer from Hungary provided. The total weight of all of the parts combined was at 140 tonnes, and there were multiple different steel fabrication technologies used in the process. Some of these technologies are welding, blanking, NDT control, assembly, as well as painting and shipping to the client’s preferred location.

Carbon steel
21,6 m
9,1 m x 7,3m
140 tons
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