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ESTPAK Plastik

Production Building for ESTPAK Plastik

Another relatively common type of work that Levstal receives is all about structural components for various production facilities all over the world. A good example of such a project is this production building owned by EstPak Plastik – a rather notable producer of plastic containers and trays for the food industry. This client from Estonia needed a rather large set of load-bearing structural elements such as trusses and beams for the facility in question.

Levstal was more than capable of performing this task and successfully completed this project back in 2017. The combined weight of carbon steel elements produced went up to 160 tonnes, and the entire manufacturing process went off without any issues whatsoever. This is how EstPak Plastik got a solid foundation for their production facility, and Levstal gained one more satisfied client for its portfolio.

Carbon Steel
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