Silo Roof and Service Platform

Levstal has had a rather impressive number of clients and projects that were centered around manufacturing some sort of a silo, which is why this particular project was nothing new or surprising to the company.

  • 25 m DIAMETER
Silo-Roof 1
  • Agriculture
  • Finland

For this project, Levstal was tasked with providing two silo roofs accompanied with a service platform. The project itself was performed in accordance with a drawing provided by the client. Blanking, rolling, welding, NDT testing and assembly was performed during the manufacturing process.

Painting and shipping was also included in the project’s requirements, which is why Levstal also did that with no issues whatsoever. The silo roof in question turned out to be 25 meters in diameter, with the overall weight of all the steel structures produced being at 98 tonnes. The client in question worked in the agriculture industry, and was physically located in Finland. Despite the difference in location, the shipping went off with no problems at all.


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