Agriculture industry successfully managed to evolve with the rest of the world, utilizing large structural elements as a part of the job on a regular basis.

  • 110 tons TOTAL WEIGHT
  • 2017 YEAR
  • Agriculture
  • Finland

A lot of the elements that are used in the agriculture industry are created by companies such as Levstal. The same could be said for this particular project that was about manufacturing silos for a client in Finland.

Seven silos were created by Levstal, as per the client’s request and according to the client’s drawing – to make sure that everything is up to the client’s standards. The overall weight of the project as a whole was 110 tonnes, and it was manufactured using carbon steel as the main material. Levstal performed multiple different operation types to complete this project, including blank, assembly, welding and painting of the final product. The shipping of the project’s results was also handled by Levstal. The project was completed successfully in 2017.


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