Shopping centers are some of the more common examples of a building structure that is similar to a large warehouse, but with a completely different interior design.

  • 250 t TOTAL WEIGHT
  • Carbon STEEL
Steel Structures for Mustamäe Shopping Centre_1_en
  • Construction
  • Estonia

This kind of similarity is what helps these buildings to be constructed within a relatively short time span, with a large assortment of companies such as Levstal being capable of providing a variety of segments and other elements. This project was exactly that – a client from Estonia requesting a variety of beams and trusses for a large building that aimed to be a shopping mall.

The building in question was the Mustamäe shopping center, and Levstal played a rather large part in the overall construction process. The total weight of all the structural elements produced was at 250 tonnes, and Levstal employees were performing the assembly of all these trusses and beams made with carbon steel.


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