There are quite a lot of different ways to store specific materials, and the answer tends to differ even more depending on the industry.

  • 4,5 m DIAMETER
  • 17,5 m LENGTH
  • 14,2 tons WEIGHT
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Finland

For example, the agriculture industry, as well as a few other ones, uses silos to store a variety of resources, such as silage or grain. Silos can also be used to store other food products, as well as coal, woodchips, sawdust, etc. As such, it is not that surprising to see Levstal performing projects related to silos in some way or another.

This particular project was rather long overall, with Levstal being asked to manufacture 8 silos in total during the entire year the project was started. Each silo was created exactly how our client from Finland wanted it to be, and we have managed to do that by following the customer drawings provided to us beforehand. Levstal had to perform a variety of operations to create each of these silos, including welding, blanking, rolling, machining, as well as assembly, NDT testing, painting and even delivery.


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