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Tank for Energy sector

Tank for Energy sector

When it comes to the energy sector, there is no shortage of different appliances and objects that have to be created using tough materials such as steel. This includes both extremely specific appliances and the general-purpose creations, such as this project – a two-piece tank for the energy sector. This project was created for a client from Germany, and it was successfully completed back in 2018.

While the general purpose of a tank is nearly identical most of the time, there are still some rules and standards that tanks have to have for specific industries – including the energy industry. Levstal’s capabilities were more than enough to accommodate all of the possible changes, and the entire project was based on a client’s drawing to avoid confusion. The overall weight of the project’s results is 150 tonnes, and the range of operations performed by Levstal included welding, NDT control, blank, assembly, painting, and even shipping.

Carbon steel
2 pieces
Total weight
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